Since the Plitvice Holiday Lodge is situated in the National Park Plitvička jezera we consider environmentalism and sustainable tourism of great importance. We are very much aware that “we have merely rented” the destination from the local population and from the future generations. Our goal is to run business in tourism, however, to leave the least possible print in the environment, to respect lifestyle and culture of the local people and to give our contribution to the local community.

In order to achieve the goal of a sustainable product in tourism we have done the following:

Use of eco-friendly materials in the construction of the whole building complex

Use of natural materials in the construction of the environment

Use of eco-friendly materials, mostly recycled wood in the interior decoration

Energy saving insulation

Eco-friendly heating, floor heating with heat pumps

Waste water treatment plant

Food purchase from local producers results in financial benefit for local community

Collaboration with local tourist agencies and local guides

Waste management


Economical lighting

Plitvice Holiday Lodge
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